To him that came sun and moon, to light my eclipsed skies; For the one who came to bring me homesickness even when he goes to the bathroom, that when he goes to work he spends a year out every hour, every afternoon !!!

Alchemy IV


But what really caught his attention was the human passion and its overwhelming effects. Then, made up of a silent, invulnerable, and eternal matter, he was made to act upon the carnal and dualistic creature to aid him.

A dense and elaborate narrative about a sorority of witches in the Middle Ages. A mix of historical reality, feminism, eroticism and science fiction that weave an original and surprising plot. The Cult of the Wolf is a unique book that brings the Inquisition and the values ​​of the Middle Ages as a backdrop. In a natural way, it situates...

The sight delighted us like nowhere else in the Latin or Barbarian lands. In these expanses that seemed endless in the eyes of any mortal, forests stood as beatific extensions of the eternal gods, while the mountains lay as witnesses to the powers of ancient ages of the Earth. There in the wide valleys, the rivers glided silvery through the...

At that hour of the afternoon, unyielding shadows dominated the lower facade of the house, it seemed as if they would cover it with solemn robes. The silent silence of the fields was slowly undoing, as the crescendo of insects announced the arrival of the night. The witch wrote, leaning on an oak chair, the knowledge of a lifetime. He...

Here in this forgotten corner of the world I became known as Marie Christine Émilie Deffand, or more appropriately, Mother Marie Deffand. But in fact, my name is Urtra, the sorceress of the Valley of the Wolves, this true name whose pronunciation has been longing for my ears, which have long been captive to the sublime silence.

Sign - Virgo


I see the Virgin's wings in the abyssal ocean of silence, sparkling like a star of carbon, diamonds and lilies.

Marine environment and sea themed. Place surrounded by fishing nets, anchor, harpoon, life buoys, sailors' coats and other possible ship furniture. In the back part, half an arcade of ribs of a whale (scenic material).

I - Hearts of Letters
On a summer's day, Pencil paced leisurely with Rubra, his long-time friend. They walked among the shredded paper groves, feeling a gentle wind coming from the sunny bands at the right edge of the sheet of paper. And there they admired the grass of paper couchê that had grown enough for the time of year....

Be Father


It is a gift to call the wind a witness at times.

Sign - Leo


Being immersed in living clay, it has the beauty of original brilliance, when it radiates from itself the solar force and manifests the presence of the self. In his embrace, we feel warmed by the blessings of life.

Alchemy VII


From the place that knows no bounds and where frontiers extend like abolitionist fences, the sea of their desires came like a gale of a thousand days.

A flamenco day


In the air there existed a kind of sweet and splendid poison, of which it does not hurt us, it only scratches the back of life with a pain that is more pleasure.

Sign - Cancer


Walk on the safety beach to protect and protect yourself. From her delicacy, when tempered with intimate and calm feelings, the softest perfumes of the world are born.

Past Memories


"Absorbed in past memories, nothing could confirm that harsh revelation." For a moment, Cercira believed she did not hear it, only dreamed-an absurd, distant dream that she would soon wake up to.

The Druid


His face revealed on the lascivious surface of prayer the human and metaphysical attempt of union. From what separates us, the only shadow is the light of day, a mercia that robs us of the dance of fairies.

Sign - Gemini


The majestic and restless air that weaves the thread of existence in the here-and-now, moving suns, planets, events, souls, rivers, tears and voices inside and outside the people. It is the breath of the eternal movement and the power of language.

"Truth is that which every man needs to live and which he can neither attain nor acquire from anyone." Every man must always extract it from his own heart, otherwise he is ruined. The truth is perhaps life itself. " Franz Kafka

"It is said that whoever became the prince of the desert, before conquering the dream of his life, had three visions of ordinary men, and one more, the fourth and last experience, but this was repeated a hundred times in the same way.

On the long day of existence and at the last moment before the doors of choices close, the dose of courage and humility is required for the election of a career

Sign - Taurus


The serenity that visits the friends in the lands of security and well-being. Placid fields of sunflowers that remind the horizon how the work of man's hands should be.

The Indian


My people walk like wind beneath the groves, while our spirits roam the illuminated plains, or the forests replanting life. In our hearts, we ask the Great Spirit that when we touch the ground with affection, it becomes more fertile, because in this way we will be even more brothers of the tree people.

The extraordinary ocean shouted for Cabral and a journey interspersed with wonder and faith began. Courage was born to be consecrated beyond the Portuguese beaches. Portugal hid mysteries and also certainties in its vocation to the sea.

Romance histórico cuja temática assinalada pelo autor procura resgatar e valorizar o contributo feminino no desenvolvimento da história ocidental. Ambientado no ano de 1491, mergulha nas profundezas da Inquisição com uma sutileza de imagens e com um refinamento na utilização da linguagem de época, bem dosada e rica em nuances estilísticas.

The plunge into the deep lake of existence dilutes the darkness of the night when fear was an experience of childhood, impure and wise at the same time.

Van Gogh


The color that is there, immature in the eyes of the flesh, does not feed the heart of those who see it. So expect the color in the slow moonless nights, dawn, run through the painter's screen and be the image born your wandering and bare soul.



For an infinitesimal fraction of something not yet revealed, the old and the new converged on the eternal lake ... the vision was opened:



Take, take your airs and scruples; your capricious notebooks so that the memory may be visited several times. I came from a bygone age and I came to be king of the smelling breeze of the day.

Sign - Aries


The first light of dawn that touches the bell of the eternal present, the life that is guided by the certainty of realization. The strength to be one intensely and to act independently.