"The witch-wolf heard about the legend of Avalon, a magical island, far from the world, bordered by tremendous and deep waters. From there no one approaches without the soul being a witch. "

This book recounts the experiences of a community of women who lived in a hidden valley in the south of France. One of the women is elected the new matriarch.

This one has the druid name of Urtra, a greater witch. In it were laid the last hopes to lead and save the tradition, the ancient magic and the revealed teachings. One of its secrets is the origin of a part of humanity.


It is the continuation of The Cult of the Wolf, although the works have a certain independence. In this book, the witches will fulfill the destiny of their lives, even if they have to face the bonfire of the inquisition.

Many spiritual mysteries will be revealed by Urtra, the new matriarch. Novates, such as Medricie and Halia, will play a key role in the power of the brotherhood, as well as in the rescue of the twin girls, Yalana and Isiandra.

And yet, many adventures will be seen in this novel that vehemently shows sex, magic, passions and love. It is a strong book that does not hesitate in the most essential questions of the human being.

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It is a story that goes back to the beginning of the first millennium of our era in a mythical way. The story begins with a man plagued by his adoptive identity and his inner restlessness in seeking answers.

 After a very strange dream, he makes a definitive decision in his life: to go looking for his origin and his ancestors, risking everything he has inherited and conquered. This attitude will move the fate of many people.

But he almost weakened in his resolution, for he was engaged to the daughter of the ruler of Arquitaurus, a beautiful girl named Cercira. His greatest friend, a Roman named Sabazio, adventurer par excellence, decides to follow in his footsteps, although he considered all this a great madness.

In any way, for Sabázio, the most important thing was to live the intensity of life, a longer or shorter life did not mean much.


In a bygone era, a proud tribe of wealthy merchants and high culture lived near the edge of the Sahara. In this tribe there was the custom of the men being summoned to an audience with the sheikh and deciding their future.

A young man named Hakim, while waiting anxious for the audience, distracted himself by watching the sun sinking in the west and burning the desert sand.

He thought about the simple lessons of life, about his future, and the beautiful Amira, a young girl he had loved so much since he was seven years old.

"Why does love not tire of loving all this, of feeling all this infinitely ... or why, when I look at a certain girl, I cease to exist here or anywhere else?" Like the first shadows of the morning that do not resist in the light. "


An adaptation of Herman Melville's monumental and inexhaustible work Moby Dick. Written like a play, but it's still a fascinating read for any reader.

"The Madness throws herself at her feet in despair, dragging herself like a slave without love, except her own overwhelming passion.His happiness is visible, scandalous and possessive. It offers her body, her soul, her desires, her dreams, her strengths, and there she remains wholly captivated, though rejected and banished.

But do not dare to pity this dark damsel, who will never marry reason. He will make of Acab his love, though in the most perfect infidelity, his mistress, though obliging him, his will, though he must take his body forever. "


Tells the story of four friends who go out for an adventure after a rainfall on the farm. The Dum pig is the most charismatic of them.

He leads a lazy cat, a stiff cock and a clever ass to go to another pasture. Each one convinced to find there what they like the most.

On the way back, frustrated in their initial adventure, they discover a huge black rock broken in half with a strange creature in its surroundings.

To the surprise of those animal friends, it was a little dino named Velocirrapindinho, a survivor of the Earth's ancient ages.



The author with more than two decades of experience in health and clinical psychology addresses the process of personal healing, the importance of helping us, and helping others to help us, whether emotionally or physically.

Encourages individuals not to give up fight and protect themselves from a hostile and sometimes cruel environment. In a light, relaxed and sensitive, but consistent way, it makes accessible psychological content. It highlights the love of oneself, without which the most essential journey of life would be hopelessly compromised, the search and acceptance of who we really are, especially in an increasingly troubled society.

The habit of conscious and courageous reflection in each choice prepares the individual for better decisions, and can free him from inappropriate or destructive beliefs, whether personal, cultural or social.