Carlos Costa França

In 1987 he entered the course of Dentistry, concluding in 1992, year that also entered the regular course of Psychology. Due to the spiritual search, he studied ancient religions and mythology.

Today besides writing, he divides his time between the clinic in psychology, teaching and the spiritual path.

He is currently writing the seventh novel. In addition, it has two children's books, three books of poetry and a series of writings.

Just to register, this year of 2017, for some events and significant coincidences I decided to change the last name that I used for my books, Costa, for, França. Last name is this of my paternal grandfather whose name was João Souza França.

A little bit of me

My soul suffers from a freedom I have not bestowed, from a certain spring that affects the poets, the mantas and the hallucinators. I am neither dead nor alive, I tie the verisimilitude with the impossible in the words in which I live.

Perhaps a totem in the window of the invisible and the sensitive, rescuing the affinity of immemorial ties and forgotten rites, for I do not see myself released from the unusual words on pure lips.

Like unrevealed by any singularity, I exist in the discontinuous where I live, the interface, the link, the hyperlink of sensitive hearts. From the scorpion I lose the antidote when the venom is more liquid and the taste worthy of the wine that flows from the female intuition.

What affects me is the light bowing alone in chance, when the canines in the emptiness dipped to remind me: you are a dentist ... But when I wake up, I am there, in other mysteries, an unknown universe.

I live there also in listening, seeking the richness of meaning in words and in living dreams, sailing as a psychologist in the sea of ​​senses, where Camões was a proud admiral. And if you see lands, they are Lusitanian beaches that will bring everyone the relief, back home to your soul and the brightness to these faces faded.

In deeper, a writer, because I have a soul to fly that of myself live haunted ... lends itself to such a brazenness in falling in love with the Intensity that Fidelity is the temperament of changing the reality of place. Carlos França


Married to Sunna Costa França, plastic artist, pianist, model and writer. The book Caravan of the Soul is a celebration to the encounter of the distributed souls, being dedicated to her.

The book foreshadowed and preceded our meeting.

In this year 2017, we will launch a book together with our letters to each other.

Caravan of the Soul  dedication:

"It is impossible to establish or describe the greatness of this discovery within me, since you are my soul.

And from the time we passed, life after life, the link was restored on a single eternal day, a minimal gesture of fingers and the golden sun exploding in sublime light.

From tenderness I saw myself as an enchanted guardian. I loose all the bonds of my heart and I return to the shadow of his beautiful days.

The voice I hear speaks of the madrigal of swallows who know of the silence of care, distant or near, or any other way. In the unpredictable now, I only seek the secret of your well-being! "

Carlos França