The Lengend Arquitaurus - Chapter I 


The Hour

The sight delighted us like nowhere else in the Latin or Barbarian lands. In these expanses that seemed endless in the eyes of any mortal, forests stood as beatific extensions of the eternal gods, while the mountains lay as witnesses to the powers of ancient ages of the Earth. There in the wide valleys, the rivers glided silvery through the greenest corners and then stripped solemnly in the pleasant meadows to the ocean. In some places, the rivers ran majestically and mighty, being a blessing to the peoples who lived near its banks. But nothing stood out as much as the vast peninsula, which seemed to rush forward in its thirst for the great and beautiful sea, and in its ceaseless vocation of conquest.

In this region of the world, pure winds blew against the groves and shrubs of the rocky slopes, giving the vegetation some movement and grace. In their usual journey, the winds, when passing through lower lands, extracted the perfume of the wild flowers, spreading the floral aromas throughout the principality known at that time like Arquitaurus. This was how the benign air reached the highest window of an old fortification and whipped it open. In this case, as if it were the work of a powerful will. It was no surprise that from this action of the wind, the sun, in its imperturbable advance, arrowed the opening of the modest window, dissolving the last shadows perpetrated by the night.

The man awoke from a strange, agonized dream, as if great distances had been swept by swift winged horses. Deserts, marshes, forests, abysses, and seas arose and vanished into prodigious images. Skies and lands separated and approached without their distances being greater or lesser. Trumpets sounded from the heights of the mountains, shaking the inhabitants of the world. He dreamed that mysterious things devoured the primordial essence of the world, and even more frightening, of his own world. He glimpsed the lives of people being lost to the promises of foolish and impure men. Wars without triumphs pursued by adventurers of strange nations and peoples without memory, emptiness and barrenness transforming the face of the Earth. He fought on an empty beach an enemy invisible and intimate to his flesh.

He saw his tomb open, and without any ceremony he was presented with scenes that would scare the wisest of men. There lay a lion with three heads and exuberant wings coming out from its flanks. The animal looked at him with the severity of his own time. Then a beautiful woman appeared on a black steed of superior stock, clothed with sublime insignia. She wore a sun-goddess's tiara on her head, trapping the golden locks of her hair. When he dismounted, he showed her the sunrise and sunset at once, and then the clouds descended on him like a royal cloak, and several waterfalls suddenly appeared in his surroundings as if to consecrate him to an unusual destination. Finally, a voice in the distance whispered respectfully: "Pan is dying, but the sun will rise today at noon." He understood, as soon as he opened his eyes, that they were only possible realities in dreams, although an insane sensation dominated his disposition, which made him unsure of anything.

As he sat on the bed, he still breathed breathlessly and his heart racing like a wild foal. The first reaction was to look at the palm of his left hand. He saw that his mysterious tattoo was the brightest and most vivid color. Then she doubted, "Or just, does she seem more alive today?"
However, something was awakened within.

Perhaps the greatest and decisive journey of his life should begin. He had long believed that all this was foolish, but now, suddenly, a torrent of feelings assaulted him mercilessly from a mad dream. Dreams, all the priests said, were messages from the gods.

 "What to do, or where to go?" He asked himself as he wore a black robe. The only response to his spirit was toward the wild lands, in the domains of Gorjala, the terrible one, far from the heart of Gaul. For from there he had the only clues to his origin and birth.

"You have to leave, just leave ... I have to find this out at once."

"Yes, indeed, I should do immediately, without waiting for any sign or a master of wisdom and clairvoyance, who happened to be present in these domains, after losing himself in the thick woods," reflected the boy, hopeless with the world.

As he could forget, he was engaged and committed to the daughter of the lord of Architaurus. The wedding was already under way, with only the ceremonial date missing. And, of course, the lord of those domains would not consent, even from a distance, to a shameless or dishonorable loss for his daughter.

 "How did I get into this?" I was stunned, moaning under the weight of the engagement. Do not remember