Alchemy IV


A solitary and virgin angel floated in the impenetrable arenas of the night as shadow and light, but was wounded by the flood of living sensations there present. The first thing to notice was a law he had learned long ago, a certain irresistibility before the man. Something entirely new to him.

But what really caught his attention was the human passion and its overwhelming effects. Then, made up of a silent, invulnerable, and eternal matter, he was made to act upon the carnal and dualistic creature to aid him.

His voice, like the song of a rare and fleeting bird, soon plunged into sleep and the passivity of a faint memory. Did not work.

The brownish shadows of that human personality, like an insurmountable wall, resisted him. A darkness greater than that of the night superimposed any angelic action. Yet in almost every direction a discontinuous and intolerable battle ensued, for a time which the ethereal being called now and man of a life.

When the soul, already unbound and moved by a new and greater consciousness, already having circled the incandescent abyss of tribulations, asked:

"Are you helped me, angel?" He replied:

"But I have witnessed something important: the extraordinary thing in you has cooked it in the fire of your own passions until the effluent vapors of common sense appear."

Carlos França