Yesterday I dreamed ... I dreamed of you crossing the haze of Avalon.

The wind took refuge in your fairy robes, turned into words beneath the immortal shadows of Yggdrasil.

Bonfires were lit under ancient and black cauldrons, and an anthem sounded endless in the infinite circle of the Magician's heart.

Sorcerers bathed bare in the rivers of the soul, while placid margins retouched the absolute. Then the inconvertible light in your eyes cried out in his voice, awakening the birds of yesterday into the wild perches of the future.

For an infinitesimal fraction of something not yet revealed, the old and the new converged on the eternal lake ... the vision was opened:

The dew of time, dematerializing itself, ran down your cheeks ... at last, your flower is your hugs in the wet kisses!

Carlos França