BRAZIL - A certain navigator


The extraordinary ocean shouted for Cabral and a journey interspersed with wonder and faith began. Courage was born to be consecrated beyond the Portuguese beaches. Portugal hid mysteries and also certainties in its vocation to the sea.

As for the navigator, of his dreams, the latter was inspired by the abyss of the stars. And even these tormented by the unfathomable darkness, showed precious ways. But when none of this directed him and life became greater, he sailed in the precise act of the Portuguese Language.

The mermaids chanted in unison the whimpers and fears. Storms, tears, and sea gathered in the rarefied glow of a waning moon, as the Constellation of the Cross spread its wings and the solitude of the south. In this way, something was already revealed between the glory and the suffering that would mark the history of a people.

On the western beaches, the ancient horizon of the world was taking its breath away from a sleeping and somewhat forgotten giant of time and history. In the past there was a lull, they say! And that was lamentable ... and ... providential to the discovery. In another version, it points to this moment as the one in which the law was tied to the mast of a pirate ship. In fact, nobody knows for sure!

Today the breeze blows indistinctly on the foreheads of millions on the new earth. It is a fact that the winds of the spirit are overwhelming and of a dubious nature, but to bear them on the cheeks is an obligation which urges all the children of the earth.

Caravelas arrived, however, it seems that dignity paid honor only to the dead and the gold of the wood. However, among the scandals and inhumanity the hymn sought the future.

Whoever was on the way did not know the rules of a noble adventure, a fascination was demanded for it, which was neither force nor candor, nor glory nor vice, was the dominion of the obtuse moods and exaltation of the dreams of lofty spirits ...

Still, by any sea, under any wind, in any light and to any land we are our destinies.

Carlos França