Take, take your airs and scruples; your capricious notebooks so that the memory may be visited several times. I came from a bygone age and I came to be king of the smelling breeze of the day.

The ray of the sun sponsored all my wealth, but I am a half-moon child. The most beautiful full moon of the seasons. This is said to be an advantage.

I do not know, I did not try to investigate. The fact is that the voracious mantle of mortality dispenses me from its immediate obligations.

I speak the language of the fairies, and in the world of men I am a restless intruder. So, where to find me? Always bouncing between one look and another. Of course, they accuse me of being always hidden.

Is not true! What I do is rest on the shining surface of the real gesture. And know: although partially immortal, my function is not to perform miracles, but to enjoy them.

My favorite is watching the sun rise every day.

Carlos França