The Conquest of Dreams


"It is said that whoever became the prince of the desert, before conquering the dream of his life, had three visions of ordinary men, and one more, the fourth and last experience, but this was repeated a hundred times in the same way.

The first visions were with birds of the world and the last with a dromedary. This is how it all came about:

I - As a great storm approaching from the north, he saw an eagle rise above it. He understood that the bird carried the name of the brave, written on the parchment of life, to the mountain of the center of the world. The vision reminded him that courage is the first virtue;

II On the longest day of the year, as I looked eastward, a dove appeared in the sky, bearing in its beak a green bouquet through all visible aridity of the desert. Demonstrating that the dream is the realization of two worlds entwined by the hope of both, although everything around it was desolation and fatigue.

III. On a night when the stars wove a milky thread in the deep darkness, as they gazed upon the south face of the world, they heard the song of the nightingale, a song that would extend to the ends of the earth, revealing that divine providence would move in favor of who have dreams rooted in the heart.

IV - On a day and several other days, too, when the sun was at its pinnacle and the west would be its only direction, he saw a caravan driver slowly and tenaciously driving a dromedary between the mountains and the edge of the desert. heavy load. He realized that effort is the necessary condition of the most significant crossing of man's life, the dream itself.

If one of the birds perished without fulfilling their destiny, the remaining two would unite mystically on the mountain of the center of the world, forming a beautiful phoenix, which would result in the three original birds. But if two of them perished, the dream would be seriously compromised.

And the value of the beautiful and beautiful birds would not be worth anything if, on the ground of the world and in the fabric of time, man stood in the shadow of his own strength and possibilities of conquest.

Which would be a pity, for the wise say that when each man is born, he is immediately offered a grace, the gift of overcoming. "

Excerpt from the book, Caravan of the Soul.