Chronicles of a Pencil - Chapter I


I - Hearts of Letters
On a summer's day, Pencil paced leisurely with Rubra, his long-time friend. They walked among the shredded paper groves, feeling a gentle wind coming from the sunny bands at the right edge of the sheet of paper. And there they admired the grass of paper couchê that had grown enough for the time of year.
"Buddy Penis, I heard from your cousin, Compasso, that you're practicing calligraphy and even drawing on imported notebooks yesterday," Rubber commented.
"Wow, that cousin knows how to spread himself out, see? It was a surprise! But that was all right, it was time to tell. "He gave a little giggle.
The Rubber laughed even louder at the face he did.
"Just do not think the compass is tongue-in-cheek," she said with a broad smile.
- No!
"To be fair, I must confess that I used a magic password with your cousin. Then he could not resist.
- Magic password! What do you mean, creature? He looked at her with interest.
"Why, said that you were gone ... That's enough!" Well, I mean ... very much gone!
Pencil laughed then and she could not stand it either. When they stopped, curious, the Rubber soon asked:
"Yes, but how has it been?" Tell me everything.
"Oh, there's no mystery, I've only been training for hours," he said proudly.
- Every day! she wondered.
- Yes, why the admiration? One only learns from repetition, that is fact. Nothing is achieved without a good workout, a good workout, "he said, taking a deep breath.
-I know! Are you surprised? I was amazed it was with her dedication.
- Oh good!
They stood a little silent, watching the movement of the streets between the blue lines in the center of the notebook.
"Then you're on the right track, my friend. Rubber continued, now admiring the icing paper flowers in a nearby garden. "I know your dream is to be a champion in writing or drawing, is not it?"
"Ever since I was a pointless Pencil, I dream of that.
She looked at him more eagerly, touched by the firm, courageous words.
- This is wonderful! And one thing is certain, his slim, lean body is typical of an athlete.
"True, I never cease to thank you for my condition, but that is not enough, Rubber friend," he announced seriously.
- Yes, yes, I imagine! But mind you, you're good at what you do, though I may be suspicious to speak because of our friendship.
He made mention of something there, but the Rubber continued.
"The proof of this is the beautiful lyrics and graceful strokes on any type of paper. Everyone praises it. And at school he made the most beautiful campaign of all time, including showing the importance of handwriting for brain development. He left his letters and drawings in a national network to encourage students to write more by hand. You were the only one invited to a roundtable discussion with the greatest educators in that country in the Notebook. Is that little?
"It was lucky!" He said.
- Lucky nothing! Do not give me that. And there's more?
- What?
"Well, less and less you ask for my help. You're very good, period, "she announced with detachment.
"Is that so, my friend?" I sometimes think it's an exaggeration when they tell me these things. These days, my half-brother, the Color Pencil, who lives in the United States of All Colors, complimented me in a way that I was ashamed of, "he replied.
"It's not an exaggeration. Stop messing, man! It's lovely to see you write, it looks more like a waltz dance on a transparent and illuminated paper. And its efficiency is breathtaking. I am the proof.
He thanked those excited words, was relieved and contented, but was a bit thoughtful about his life. Something troubled him. And soon it was manifested.
"You know, my friend Rubber, I need you to tell me something most sincerely. And there is no one better for it.
- Sure, say it.
"And what do not you like?" What is bad?
She widened her eyes and blushed a little.
"Ah, you ask every question too!" Wow! You managed to embarrass me.
"Well, I have to know where I'm failing to correct myself, after all, I do not want to give you a job," and giggled.
"Certainly not," laughed the other.
"Of course not!" Because I know you have the utmost willingness to help me. The main thing is to be more efficient, seeking a better quality in what I do. Your evaluation will be of great value.
- Hmm! All right ... you've felt what you said. I will be the most sincere!
"I knew I could count on you." Ever!
Of course, anytime. Well, let me think for a moment, after all, I erase everything that is incorrect, by mistake, or even what is correct, "she announced, trying to remember all the letters her friend had made and which ones she had erased.
- No problem, feel free. We have time.