Psychology - Consciousness


The plunge into the deep lake of existence dilutes the darkness of the night when fear was an experience of childhood, impure and wise at the same time.

There is no way to speak of truths that each one defends. However, it is possible to recognize the value of the experience and the healing spiral that lives from the effort and personal deliveries to happen.

There are accidental steps, but it is the intense work mainly, between the conscious and the unconscious worlds, that drips the kiss of hope and offers the solidity of the path.

There is no doubt that simple walking still has a great advantage over those who are stuck, fixed in cultural totems or unproductive personal beliefs.

Perhaps we need the inner, perpetual youth that will reconcile us with the unpredictable and the enthusiasm of life.

On the other hand, also seek the old sage, that part that we ignore of ourselves, to strengthen us as creatures of time.

The Universe is dotted with radiative mass of light; of a tear of sun bordering the boundaries of what exists.

But what exists within each is even more inconceivable, even in the face of every wonder of the universe.

Carlos França