Be Father


It is a gift to call the wind a witness at times.

Then advance on the ground with firm feet, looking at the horizon blessed by the morning star of every day.

The affective alliances are the fruits of an intimate, constant, living and full of meaning, tempered by a well-wish that covers the infinite, sometimes only, by the force of an outstretched hand.

Otherwise, alliances do not recognize their authors or their needs. And there is lost, not just an opportunity of affection, but a true achievement.

Therefore, when love opens in the garden of filial affection, the flowers of true feeling are cultivated there.

To be a father is to dedicate oneself to the encounter of the being as a complement, to pass as protection and care because of the deep and casuistic intemperance of the world, accepting in the hands, or in a simple embrace, the shoulders of the second sacred, the son.

And deep in the chest convey a value between being and courage. No more and no effort, when love has always been ... it is.

(Carlos França)