Sign - Aries


The first light of dawn that touches the bell of the eternal present, the life that is guided by the certainty of realization. The strength to be one intensely and to act independently.

The sincerity of the fire that devastates the dry leaves of lamentations, freeing us from procrastinated actions and vicious tempers. The gaze that defies life in its initial rumors and in a sudden movement makes everything happen.

The bold leadership that makes the struggle of life a constant and immediate challenge. The energy of the one, the beginning, the raw material, the movement, the explosion, the short circuit, the orgasm, the voracity, the battle, the departure and the arrival, but never ending.

The warrior who lends us his warm disposition and, in the lead of the great battles, follows us closely with the brilliant banner of courage, opening the ways of the world.

O Mars, divide in thy thousand armies and cast them against me in thy mighty courage. That's right, against me!

That in my deep desolation and in the face of a cloudy horizon of despair, make these worst enemies, the stationary and inert forces among the rivers of the little will, forcing them to tread the noble journey of the hero and the warrior.

May the efforts of the common man bring you up the heights of conquest so that your sight can see the extraordinary within yourself!

(Carlos França)