Sign - Cancer


Walk on the safety beach to protect and protect yourself. From her delicacy, when tempered with intimate and calm feelings, the softest perfumes of the world are born.

Looking up, he sees the liquid sun, painted in dazzling watercolor and moving the dreams of childhood into the cadence of the first received and shared affection. It is immersed in continuous flows that rival the thinking, sensory and heavy matter.

And without intending to know the imponderable, penetrate the invisible and spiritual plot. In that instant, stop the intuition already adult, without the umbilical cord of concrete thought. Adaptive to the environment, it dominates backwards, for it plunges beyond what is visible, while on the surface it struggles tenaciously for its rights.

Sensitivity doubles the thick leaf of existence, cradling affection in a happiness that multiplies cares. Whole motherhood, without abrupt or disoriented gestures, invades and nurtures even the molecules of life.

And as he owns the memories, he orchestrates the internal time and there retains all things felt, imagined and possessed. From loyalty, he makes the border of his life, and the family the radiant center, which once generated the universe and on which everything depends and nourishes.

In the union of all that we are, though whole and beautiful are our steps in the world, if we do not vibrate the warmth of the emotion we feel, it is as if God only existed asleep.

Carlos França