Sign - Gemini


The majestic and restless air that weaves the thread of existence in the here-and-now, moving suns, planets, events, souls, rivers, tears and voices inside and outside the people. It is the breath of the eternal movement and the power of language.

With volatile disposition, he likes the new, the novelty, identifying with the changes and with them manifesting. And at the wild mouth of that which is unknown, or only in the flow of existence, rescues from the three mythical realms the learnings of the human experience.

The freedom to go beyond the boundaries of chance and bring the precious airs of universal intelligence, guiding the bold spirit of time and man. The act of communicating in the common or extraordinary adventure of life.

It is the spirit exalted in the divine wind movement, which spreads the need to know and to reveal the value of each thing. The gift of the answer. By the swift nature of Mercury, the unceasing activity of the mind and the interest in all that exists.

And by the central sun, an inheritance of gods that ascend the mountains of the world and beyond, the hybrid petal of light and shadow of the first remembrance of us all. The vision that ignites the flame of the soul when it makes us exist in consciousness and thought.

The fullness of good ideas, of reflection, of advancing in time, of knowing, of knowing. The love of any knowledge that makes everything work better, bringing more light into the advancement of humanity.

The altar of reason where the gods kneel and pray!

Carlos França