Sign - Leo


Being immersed in living clay, it has the beauty of original brilliance, when it radiates from itself the solar force and manifests the presence of the self. In his embrace, we feel warmed by the blessings of life.

And what's in your gaze radiates a vibrant warmth that makes us be more. Establish a link between heaven and earth, mirroring the splendor of creation. It is a kind of sun that vivifies beings by the consciousness of themselves.

It breaks the shadows of folly and reveals the crystalline salt of the earth, the taste of the world in matter. The generosity then, as expressive angel that is, extends its benefits to all by its hands.

From the place of the sacred land, from the equidistant horizon between truth and faith, brings us the virtue of honor to share in the world. Plant the bright and golden wheat in the fields that generate the ideals of men.

Born to shine in the world because of the singular fiery element of the manly plasma burning itself in cycles of existence, it represents the divine dignity of existence and the remnants of massive mass of stellar light, just when self-esteem arises.

And from this love of love, through the exercise of the non-excluding will of the other, there emerges the whole consciousness of individuality, cosmic dust gravitating to a central sun, which in its totality is the flame of God.