Sign - Virgo


I see the Virgin's wings in the abyssal ocean of silence, sparkling like a star of carbon, diamonds and lilies.

The pure earth dominates my retinas of crystalline rock, ordering the world with the intelligence of primitive water, for it is living, fertile land and the tenant of everything, a "fervet opus" (intense labor).

From certainty and doubt it takes the flowers of the mountains to safe practice; and from the obscure source, the routine thirst. Isis holding the ancient and divine son fertilises the days of my life.

And herself breathing the present gives me back the exalted balance of Libra's borders. On the other hand, the blackest wings of the raven are manifested with the insight and criticism of Virgo.

In a larger octave, the prospect of knowing all sides and a calm conscience.

Quick and imprecise Mercury visits us, Virgos, as a written letter of the soul with a divine task, an altruistic angel, whom we look at, tells us as the most blessed of sense and point of view.

Carlos França