About The Work Angel


On the long day of existence and at the last moment before the doors of choices close, the dose of courage and humility is required for the election of a career

Work a person's vast experiences and the basis of all realization. However, the maneuvers of sacrifices are sometimes the loudest voices of whining in the spectacle of our lives. And it's not meant to be!

My experience comes down to the shadows of the mistakes and the brilliance of overcoming. Clraro, I'm aware that you can say something about it. But what came to discipline me in the greatest understanding was something unusual.

An angel, between the high city and the lower city of the Salvador, told me in the midst of the noisy crowd:

"I assure you that work is a curse and a blessing!"

I was intrigued. Paralyzed. What could that mean? But I kept the all possible alliance, the silence. Angels do not like to talk much, much less give explanations.

But to my surprise, after a pause, which may have been years or seconds, I do not know how to precise, I have continued:

"At the same time, everything is work, live the world or the skies by another means, if there is one, I do not know it, an adequate choice is a determinant for a complete life and will separate a good journey from a disastrous one. L ove, when coupled with work, which is an experience of value, form a juxtaposition such that it parallels the divinity itself!

Carlos França