Sign - Taurus


The serenity that visits the friends in the lands of security and well-being. Placid fields of sunflowers that remind the horizon how the work of man's hands should be.

The firmness that keeps the rock unchanged on the precipice of uncertainties. And down there, it makes the course of the river of the soul follow in the direction of the divine ocean.

The sensuality of the forms transmitted to the world as inheritance and duty. The enjoyment of the most varied shapes and contours, curves, straight lines, angles and edges of matter by the fire of touch, vertigo of angels and residence of men.

The palate is very high, breaking the infinite into flavors. The sheer beauty of the diamond in its opalescent sheen of materiality and hardness.

Alchemical standard of nature, which invades the native senses, urges us to work the impurities in our being of stone and charcoal.

The next stubborn step of growth, the grass that matures under the contemplative gaze and the disciplined hands of the workers of life.

The foundation of dreams, when having found the marble of legitimate desires, we carve it with a breath of the spirit.

Carlos França